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Phoenix Brand Management strives to create a motivated, uplifting community by fostering solid relationships with our team members, customers and clients. Our mission revolves around generating client, company, and customer solutions that improves life for everyone. We stand out from our competition because we offer an opportunity for both our clients and employees to reach their fullest potential through their association with our organization.

Additionally, we focus on creating a culture of love where people feel they are being heard and respected. Our MISSION is to empower our people by giving them more responsibility and decision-making authority. We want to INSPIRE OUR WORKFORCE TO GO THE EXTRA MILE, BE INNOVATIVE, AND PROVIDE SUPERIOR SERVICE.
At Phoenix Brand Management Group our vision is to be the premier authority in face-to-face marketing strategies and dramatically increase value for our clients and consumers. Even more so, we want to improve the condition of our team members by continually creating opportunities for them to thrive in leadership roles and fostering an environment where they take ownership of their career goals. By developing our people, the right way—the Phoenix way, our vision is to have a business that is both self-sustaining and nurtures organic growth. In return, this will increase profits for our clients through our proactive approach to relationship building and customer acquisition.
At Phoenix Brand Management we strive to create value for every interdependent stakeholder including our employees, clients, and mentors. Every decision we make is based on a higher purpose of creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. In other words, we desire to have a conscious-based business where profits are not the only goal but serve as a byproduct of our company’s continued effort to bring valuable service to the marketplace.

As professional and personal development are pillars within our organization, we want our team here at Phoenix to be engaged and inspired. We envision team members that are ever evolving which in turn creates a business that is ever evolving.

Moreover, we take a personal approach to marketing. We speak to customers face-to-face versus over the phone or internet. Our in-store marketing strategy enables us to attract consumers’ attention to a specific brands and products inside of a retail environment. Our employees utilize several tools such as signage, demonstrations, displays or even live presentation/representation to inform audiences and accurately represent our clients’ products and services. All these forms have their own unique strategy and are utilized to target specific markets within our Fortune 500 retail partners.

Our Team


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In The Press

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Phoenix Brand Management Group: Together We Rise

Phoenix Brand Management Group, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia boasts 10 branch locations across the country. Spotlighted in recent months is the branch located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Phoenix Brand Management: Eight Expansions For The Win

In ten years, Phoenix Brand Management has hit a pace of growth nearly unparalleled to any other company in the region. They have seen their portfolio range quadruple, their industry standing reach unprecedented heights and their national footprint octuple (yes, really... their national reach multiplied by 8).

Our People

  • Charles D.

    My experience here at Phoenix has been a learning process with progressive growth. It has been very rewarding, working here has given me a vision to where I can be if I work hard, and a vision of what I can accomplish if I set goals for myself.

  • CJ Y.

    Phoenix has helped me to become a better leader and manager by providing excellent training and motivating me to be the best. Also, working here has given me access to network with other people who are doing great things.

  • Deon G.

    Here at Phoenix, I have learned that hard work, drive, and perseverance is what is needed to become a successful leader.

  • Aaron Z.

    Working at Phoenix Brand Management has allowed me to realize that if you want to succeed or go anywhere in life, you need to be the change you wish to see.

Phoenix Cares

Phoenix Brand Management launched our Phoenix Cares initiative in 2013. We are dedicated to building the Atlanta community and we value the importance of paying it forward in each of our branch locations. We want to lift up our associates and create lasting bonds within the community. Together, we rise.